Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue – Beta Demo

Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue is a festive demo for the upcoming Rubber Bandits game, which sees Santa, snowmen, penguins, reindeer and even Jesus beating each other up and stealing loot from presents.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in February, Rubber Bandits is a physics based multiplayer bralwer where players attempt to grab the most cash and escape from differently themed arenas. It’s a little like Gang Beasts, but you have much more control of your characters and there’s lots more environmental destruction.

The Xmas Prologue is filled with Christmas spirit, with three differently themed snow-filled levels and a roster or festive characters. You smash presents to find cash and a wide variety of weapons, from frozen fish to rocket launchers. The aim is to grab as much cash as possible and make it to the level exit point when it opens (and the fact that everyone else is trying to do the same makes it wonderfully chaotic).

The Christmas theme works really well and the physics based combat and environmental destruction is a lot of fun. There’s no better way to get into the festive spirit than shooting Santa with an uzi!

Download The Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue Here (Steam)