Rubber: The Game – Student Project Game

Rubber: The Game is a video game adaption of Quentin Dupieux’s 2010 Rubber movie, about a homicidal car tyre with psionic powers.

Rubber: The Game adapts the original movie into a simple three lane infinite runner where you swerve to dodge obstacles and collect plastic bottles for points. First thing’s first, if you’ve never seen the original Rubber movie then this game won’t make any sense whatsoever (you may want to check out the movie trailer though, it’s incredible), and also is entirely in French so if you really care about the narrative (which does seem pretty funny) then you may need a translator.

The gameplay is very basic and doesn’t make much use of Rubber’s psionic powers, but it’s worth checking out for novelty value and the ending which gloriously mimics the ending of the movie. Well worth rolling with if you’re a fan of the movie though and if you know any French then that’s a bonus.

Note: All the dialogue in this game is in French

Download Rubber: The Game Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)