Rubble N Strafe – Beta Download

rubble n strafe

Rubble N Strafe is an addictive side-scrolling arcade helicopter game with some wonderful pixel art and fast paced gameplay inspired by Harrier Attack.

After you’ve chosen your helicopter (Rubble or Strafe), you set forth into a 2D procedurally generated pixellated battlezone, blowing up things to an excellent soundtrack reminiscent of John Carpenter scores.  As in the old classic Chopper (NOT Flapppy bird – this is definitely NOT a Flappy Bird clone), you constantly travel forward, using the left mouse button to fly higher, while the right muse button drops bombs.

You then machine gun, bomb and rocket your way through an infinite horde of enemy troops, completing missions, blowing up buildings, terrain, aircraft and boats, all the while collecting ammo and fuel so you don’t run out.  Complete missions and keep your chopper in the air for as long as possible and you’ll earn a place on the online leader board.  It’s an addictive, action packed piece of retro arcade action, full of destruction and pixellated carnage.

Download the Beta HERE (Win)