Ruben’s Puppets – Alpha Demo

Ruben’s Puppets is a very promising fusion of real time strategy and third person action gameplay that seed you building an army and fending off hordes of puppets in large scale conflicts.

You start Ruben’s Puppets exploring an abandoned puppet workshop in first person, littered with puppets and old designs. You soon come across a talking puppet, the puppet maker’s assistant, who tells you that the puppet master has been imprisoned by one of his apprentices who became so immersed in the puppet world that he never wanted to leave. It’s up to you to venture into the puppet world, build your army, defeat the apprentice and rescue the puppet maker.

When you enter the puppet world the camera switches to a third person viewpoint and you help the good wooden puppets make a stand against the evil tin puppets (which are commanded by the rogue apprentice). You can use your bow and arrow to smash crates and attack tin puppets and you can collect coins that are used to build more units.

The current build only features one major battle and it’s not very tough, but it shows a lot of promise. It’s an impressive game, with a great visual style, fun combat, easily accessible RTS elements and a fascinating puppet-based game world that we’d love to delve deeper into. Playful real time puppet based warfare well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ruben’s Puppets Alpha Demo Here (Windows)