Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team – Game Jam Build Download

Ruby and majesty

Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team is a charming dungeon crawling puzzle adventure inspired by Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons and The Legend of Zelda, in which you control two characters simultaneously, making your way through deviously designed, trap-filled dungeons on your quest for treasure.

You control Ruby (a person) with the arrow keys and you control Majesty (a bat) with the WASD keys and must work together (with yourself) to make it through the dungeon.  Both characters have their own strength – Majesty can fly over spikes and other hazards, while Ruby can push blocks, collect keys and walk through strong winds.  The clever dungeon design makes the most of these differences throughout the game, with each screen forming an intricately designed puzzle that requires the skills of both characters to solve.

As well as its fun dual control gameplay, Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team also impresses with it’s charming pixlel art animation, excellent soundtrack and playful dialogue.  A well crafted pixel art puzzler that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Download Ruby & Majesty: Treasure Team Here