Ruin Valley – Alpha Demo

Ruin Valley is a beautifully animated retro action platforming metroidvania that blends cuteness, spookiness and secrets as you explore its labyrinthine world.

In Ruin Valley you awaken in a dungeon and fight your way through a vast castle filled with bats, skeletons and other spooky monsters. It’s a metroidvania, but there’s far more focus on platforming than the likes of castlevania or Metroid as your wonderfully agile character flips and somersaults through the air.

The current build of Ruin Valley is still very early in development and is fairly short, but it’s an absolute delight to play. This is thanks largely to its responsive controls and the high agility of your character, making you feel like any obstacle is surmountable. Combined with the beautifully animated characters and superb soundtrack, it’s shaping up to be something special. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Ruin Valley Alpha Demo Here (Windows)