Ruins of Morhot – Game Jam Build Download

Ruins of Morhot is a clever little first person puzzle adventure where you attempt to navigate a pitch-black trap and puzzle-filled temple using only echolocation and a camera.

In Ruins of Morhot you find yourself inside a mysterious temple that contains mazes, deadly traps and inventive puzzles. The problem is that you seem to have forgotten to bring a flashlight with you and the temple is pitch black inside. You do have the use of an echolocation device though which you can pulse to give you a rough layout of the area you’re in. And if you want a more detailed view you can take a still photograph with your camera.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Ruins of Morhot is an excellent little puzzle adventure that makes great use of your echolocation and photographing abilities as you navigate the temple. It’s a great concept and you need to combine your two unique ways of “seeing” the environment in some very inventive ways to solve the puzzles and avoid the traps. A pitch black puzzler well worth shining a light on.

Dowload or Play The Ruins of Morhot Here (Windows & Browser)