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Run Far

Run Far is a fun first person action game, that blends Mirrors Edge-style parkour with fast, colourful arcade gameplay inspired by Jet Set Radio and the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.

You play Marina – a parkour enthusiast who needs to travel on the city’s transit system but don’t have enough money – but luckily there’s plenty of cash hidden around the level just waiting for someone with some nifty parkour skills to collect them.  It’s still early in development, but Run Far certainly shows a lot of promise, offering a fun and relaxing, arcadey take on parkour gameplay and an interesting world to run and jump around in.  Pretty, pleasant and playful parkour.

Download the Prototype Build Here

2 thoughts on “Run Far – Prototype Download”

  1. It’s a great prototype.
    I’ve recently played Mirror’s Edge so I compare it to that, the first thing I noticed is that there doesn’t seem to be a reason to have a run button, the character could always run with certain first acceleration.
    I also lacks a bit of feedback, maybe with some sound effects it will improve.
    It would also be cool if it could be played with a joystick as well.
    Great work for a prototype.

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