Run Prop, Run! – Open Beta

Run Prop, Run! is a lighthearted eight player game of hide-and-seek, inspired by the classic Prop Hunt mod, which sees players attempting to disguise themselves as part of the scenery to avoid detection.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta key giveaway, Run Prop, Run! is a charming cartoony Prop Hunt style multiplayer game where Hunters try to find players hiding in the environment. Each match starts as one Hunter attempting to catch seven Props and as the Props get caught they are converted to Hunters (so it ends up being seven Hunters versus One Prop).

The help blend in, The Props can transform themselves into any object they find in the environment and they also have special abilities, such as being able to create copies of objects. The Hunters have unique skills of their own too though, so even the best hidden prop may have to run for their lives if they get spotted!

To join in the Run Prop, Run! Beta just join the official Discord group then type “!key” in the Beta sign up channel. You’ll then be DM’d a key instantly.