Run: The World In-Between – Alpha Download

Run: The World In-Between is a challenging and very fast paced precision platformer where you run, jump and dash your way through procedurally generated levels while being chased by a shadowy entity.

Drawing inspiration from Celeste, Scourge Bringer and Super Meat Boy, Run: The World In-Between is an intense precision platformer where you need to always keep moving, as you’re chased by a shadowy entity that traces every move you make. Your character can run, jump and dash, and needs to use these abilities to make their way to the end of each level without getting caught.

The levels can usually be completed in around 30 seconds and are procedurally generated from modular sections that are switched out for more challenging ones as you get further through the game. They’re pretty challenging and they also contain optional gemstones for you to collect, which unlock your character’s lost memories. The levels are a nice length too, being short enough to avoid frustration when you die but long enough for you to emit a sigh of relief when you complete one!

At the moment it feels like it’s missing a perks system or something to give you more of a feeling of progression. The actual gameplay and the pixel art animation are superb though. The controls are tight, there’s a great flow to the action and the smoky monster chasing you really cranks up the tension. See if you can outrun your sinister shadow!

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Download The Run: The World In-Between Alpha Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)