Running Rogue – Alpha Demo

Running Rogue is a first person parkour brawler roguelike where you race through procedurally generated floating dungeons and punch undead enemies in the face.

Currently in development by VSMOB, Running Rogue blends Mirror’s Edge style parkour with a touch or roguelike dungeon crawling and a bit of god old fashioned beat ‘em up action. In the game you run, dash, jump, climb, wall-run and slide your way through procedurally generated levels as fast as possible and beat up any enemies that get in your way.

The current demo of Running Rogue features one procedurally generated level that takes around five minutes to play through. Your character is satisfyingly agile and the visual style works really well – particularly the way the level builds itself in front of you. It could do with a little more speed, some more attacks and a little more challenge, but it’s a little hard to judge if that’s just because this is the first level in the game. In the full game you’ll be able to unlock upgrades and abilities and choose from a variety of random improvements at the end of each level.

Hopefully the full game will evolve a little as you play, adding a little speed, challenge and variety, but even in its current form Running Rogue is a very promising game. It’s got a great visual style, the parkour platforming feels great and there’s a real satisfaction to be had from delivering a flying punch to an enemy’s face!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Running Rogue Alpha Demo Here (Steam)