Rupert Reset – Game Jam Build

Rupert Reset is an inventive little puzzle platformer where each level has a large reset button in it, which you can jump on to reset certain elements of the level.

Created for Stencyl Jam #19, In Rupert Reset you control a cute little pig as it tries to make its way to the exit of each level. This generally requires you collecting keys and unlocking doors to the exit, but to do so you’ll often have to reset elements of the level by jumping on a big reset button.

Jumping on the reset button resets all the objects in the level with a fucsia outline back to their original positions. This is used in some very inventive ways throughout the game’s 8 short levels – such as allowing you to use a key twice or allowing you to use a falling block to squash enemies.

It’s an excellent concept, with charming pixel art animation and some incredibly creative puzzle design. A fantastic five minute puzzle platformer you’ll want to reset and play again!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Rupert Reset Here (Browser)