Rushdown Revolt – Open Alpha

Rushdown Revolt is now in open Alpha, so everyone can jump in for some spectacle-filled combo-centric platform fighting fun.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha sign up, Rushdown Revolt is a 1v1 multiplayer platform fighter that delivers a more skill based and combo focused take on the genre. The current Alpha build is essentially a feature complete version of the game, with eight uniquely skilled fighters to choose from, online and local multiplayer, a training mode and single-player challenges.

Obviously it doesn’t have the star power of the Smash Bros roster, but they’re good characters and the smaller roster allows for a more balanced experience. The combat is fast, fluid and responsive and visually it’s no slouch too. The Open Alpha is live until September 20th, so jump in now to join in the fun.

Download The Rushdown Revolt Open Alpha Here (Steam)