Rusted Moss – Beta Demo

Rusted Moss is a stylish pixel art action platformer metroidvania where you use a very cool bungee grappling gun to help you traverse a dying world inhabited by humans and the fae folk.

Rusted Moss takes place in a dying world where mankind has enslaved fae folk to power their mechanical contraptions. In the game you take on the role of a girl who is helping to free the fae folk from their captors. The humans are a little unhappy about your quest though so you ‘ll need to blast your way past their sentry machines and face off against you in challenging boss battles.

Beating bosses and freeing fae folk from their contraptions will earn you useful rewards. The first of which is a very handy grappling gun which can be used to anchor onto certain surfaces and swing your through the levels. It’s physics-based and requires a little practice to get the hang of, but once you get to grips with it then it allows for a surprising amount of mobility and accuracy, becoming an invaluable tool for traversing the land.

There are plenty of 2D metroidvanias around, but Rusted Moss feels very unique thanks to its interesting lore, weapons and bungee grappling hook control system. It makes for a fascinating world that’s fun to traverse and explore. Highly recommended.

Download The Rusted Moss Beta Demo Here (Windows)