Rusty’s Rail – Game Jam Build

Rusty’s Rail is a whimsical little chilled out incremental clicker/casual game that sees you shuttling passengers around the country and earning cash for upgrades.

In Rusty’s Rail you are placed in charge of an old steam locomotive and must manage it as it travels from station to station. You don’t really have much in the way of management options – you simply choose a destination, click on the train to make it go faster and earn cash to purchase one of the three upgrades at the stations (Cabin, Engine and Automatic Engine).

Even as an incremental clicker Rusty’s Rail’s gameplay is pretty shallow, but it’s not really about the management, it’s more about enjoying the ride. As your train hurtles between stations you can take in the scenery, listen to the beautiful piano score and read all the random incidents that occur on the train – such as passengers contracting diarrhea, getting thrown off for getting intimate or getting arrested for murder (the health and safety aboard your train seems to be pretty dire!)

It’s a fun little game that allows players to chill out and watch life play out as your train chugs from station to station. A simple, but oddly addictive experience well worth boarding.

Download Rusty’s Rail Here (Windows & Mac)

1 thought on “Rusty’s Rail – Game Jam Build”

  1. It’s a great game and I think it has a high potential to become a clicker game which is known under the “clickergamers”.
    It would be nice if you make the animation of the rising gold (fund) faster.
    I can’t say anything what you can add on it, because it’s in the alpha and I don’t know what you want to do with this game.

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