Rytmos – Beta Demo

Rytmos is a groovy little musical puzzle game where the solutions to the puzzles create looping beats that combine to form a complex musical composition.

In Rytmos you are presented with a solar system which features cubic planetoids that orbit around the sun. Clicking on these planetoids allows you to zoom in where you are presented with puzzles on each side. You solve the puzzles by creating a circuit from the start, through a series of nodes and back to the start again. If you manage to solve a side then a short musical loop based on your path through the nodes continues to play and is joined by the loops from the other sides as you solve them – allowing you to build it up into a complex song.

The current build of Rytmos features three planetoids and although the first one is very easy, the other two introduce new gameplay elements and offer a nice amount of challenge. It’s a cleverly designed game with an intuitive interface, inventive puzzle design and a chilled gameplay. The way the tunes build up as you play gives you a great feeling of progression through each planetoid and they’re pretty catchy too!

Download the Rytmos Beta Demo Here (Steam)