S-44: Episode 1 – Beta Download

S-44: Episode 1 is a narrative driven stealth puzzle platforming adventure where you control a mechanical spider that can climb on any surface, which goes in search of its friend who goes missing in the dangerous town of New Bot City.

Taking place in a futuristic world colonized by sentient robots, S-44 tells the story of a little spider-bot called S-44 who goes in search of its missing buddy, S-12. This search soon takes you to the sprawling city of New Bot City, a dangerous place run by a corrupt robot Mafia who soon rope you into helping them in exchange for information about your buddy. The city is heavily guarded, but your spider-like ability to climb on any surface really comes in handy for avoiding detection.

It takes a little time to get used to S-44’s controls and it can be a little tricky to figure out which way you’re facing at times, but your wall-crawling abilities make for an enjoyable and unique stealth Platforming experience. The futuristic robot city is an interesting place to explore and It’s fun trying to figure out the best routes through it. A fun bit of spider-bot stealth well worth sneaking into.

Download S-44: Episode 1 Here (Steam)