S.A.D. Cat – Prototype Download


S.A.D. Cat, being created by raxterworks, is a quirky puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating a two-dimensional perspective in a three-dimensional world –  a little like Fez, but with full 360 degree camera control.

In S.A.D Cat you play as a cat that has Seasonal Affective Disorder and travels the world alone, climbing ever upwards between different biomes full of brilliant colour and level design. Using the simple tutorial placed in-game via pictures in the background you must reach the highest heights of each short, but puzzling, level to progress to the next. Some jumps may initially look impossible, but if you simply rotate the 3D world, you can then jump between the platforms in a 2D plane (this sounds complicated, but it’s easier than it seems).

The insane amount of effort and quality that has gone into S.A.D Cat may seem very minimal to the naked eye, but the complex nature of using a rotating 3D environment to reach the end of each level is simply sublime and a lot of fun to use. It does take some time to get used to rotating the world with the use of two buttons, but once you have a grasp on it the game seems to run as smooth as a river. The fun level design mixed in with the vibrant use of colour and great atmospheric music makes S.A.D. Cat an extremely enjoyable experience from start to finish, and by the games end you will be yearning for more levels to jump and spin through.

S.A.D Cat is a cleverly designed, well thought out platformer that’s a joy to play around with.  We can’t wait see more of the game as this S.A.D. Cat will really make you happy!

Download the S.A.D. Cat Prototype Here (Windows only)