S.O.R.S – Game Jam Build Download


S.O.R.S, a game made for the Finish a Game Jam, is a unique sci-fi doctor simulator with an underlying story of subterfuge and conspiracy.

This Papers! Please inspired game puts you in the position of a new employee at a futuristic doctors office. In this society, the human population has become unbearable, forcing humans to live in huge skyscrapers. Criminals are sent off in ships that float off into the atmosphere. This doctors office is meant to take care of the human population, whether that be by diagnosing them or just giving them life advice on how to be healthy. All of the disease and treatment information in the game is based on real information.

Through an email system, you must interact with other members of the hospital and even some mysterious unnamed figures. You must figure out who to trust, but this is hard – to speed up productivity most replies are short and to the point. Over time, however, more and more information is sent to you. Will you be able to keep up your job as emails of third party agendas to reduce the population? Are these just hackers?  Or is it something more?

Your job also has to be done, everyday. You have a government quota, time limit, and a percentage of patients you must diagnose correctly each and every day. You are able to unlock more complex medical practices over time and can even prescribe medication. Sometimes you must choose which patient to see, those patients may even try to bribe you to be seen. If you fail too often, you will receive emails from your superiors and possibly lawsuits from mistreated patients.

Will you trust your co-workers and get the job done?  Or will you investigate the claims of your hospital and government performing malpractice to help stop the overpopulation issues?

Note: There are some spelling errors in this game, but none of them make the game unplayable or hard to understand.

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Download S.O.R.S HERE (Win & Mac)