SAAAM – Game Jam Build Download

saaam-game download

SAAAM, a game created by Ogniok (Fireline Games) for the Ludum Dare 34 Game jam, is a narratively driven, steampunk styled ship fixing simulator.  Well sort of….

In SAAAM you take control of Crewmember 341, awoken from cryo-statis by a voice informing you it’s time for your daily routine. When you finally gain control of your character you are thrusted out of your cryo-pod, surrounded by decrepit steel and dim lighting. The voice informs you that you must perform maintenance work to help the ship continue its operation as normal. The voice also informs you that SAAAM (an acronym for System Automation, Assistance, and Analysis Matrix) will be there to guide you and help you through your tasks.SAAAM is expecting an obedient slave to keep it and the ship, The Trieste, alive and in running fashion. What if you woke up one day and decided to disobey? What would come for your choices, and better still is there a way to escape SAAAM and the boat for good?

SAAAM is a brilliant game, from the clever narrative down to the well crafted dingy ship interior. The game draws you in from the moment your character wakes from their slumber.  The game almost makes you feel not only isolated but a sense of claustrophobia tends to nibble at the back of your neck. SAAAM has also taken heavy influence from The Stanley Parable, with SAAAM‘s voice constantly streamlining throughout your endeavour. Whether you’re obedient or disobey SAAAM entirely, the game has a lot to offer and certainly warrants multiple playthoughs to see all the endings.

Download the SAAAM Game Jam Build Here (Windows Only)