Sabotage – Game Jam Build

Starting with nothing, not even clothing, in Sabotage you are a badass naked Colonel who is single handedly looking to take out the entire enemy army by using your environment and stealing dropped weapons.

Created for Ludum Dare 45 game, in each level of Sabotage you have several rooms full of baddies, spikes which are against the wall, exploding barrels and more. It’s up to you to take out each enemy, find keys to open doors and survive. You can punch enemies, though it’s a very slow kill and mainly can be used to knock them out. This is where you’ll need to get creative; picking up and throwing enemies into spikes, exploding barrels around groups of them and grabbing some limited use weapons does the job much faster.

Once enemies start seeing you, however, they will start attacking back – and they have guns. You only have three lives and cannot get more unless you find a pair of underwear, some of which are dotted around. Large turrets act as bosses who do not seem to take damage from your punches, so throwing bombs and using guns are the best way to take them down. They fire their gun quite a few times at once and much faster than enemies, so you’ll need to plan your attacks. Many of the areas as you get deeper into the game have covered over areas, forcing you to go into a room to see what lies in it.

Sabotage is a really fun game – the movement and gameplay all feels fun and fast. You don’t have to be too stealth, if you’re fast, as the enemies are often just slow enough for you to get a hit in. This allows you to be more bold and quick with the levels, eliminating everyone before they have time to respond to your naked rampage!

Note: Playing with a controller is recommended.

Play or Download Sabotage Here (Windows and Browser)