Sacre Bleu – Beta Demo

Sacre Bleu is a beautifully animated 2D action platformer where the captain of the Musketeers fights his way out of prison and battles zombified aristocrats.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020, Sacre Bleu is an action platformer with a focus on blunderbus-jumping (rocket-jumping) and bullet-time. It seems that the French aristocracy has morphed into bile-spewing zombies, so you need to make your way through the bastille you’ve been wrongfully imprisoned in and put a stop to them.

You have a handgun that you can use for precision aiming, a sword for slicing up enemies and a powerful blunderbuss that you can use the recoil of to propel you high into the air. With these tools and your agility and cunning then you’ll stop those zombie aristocrats in no time!

The tutorial is a little overly-long and dull, but once you get into the proper levels it’s a lot of fun. The various weapons are very handy, the levels are well crafted and the animation is excellent.

Download The Sacre Bleu Beta Demo Here (Steam)