Sacrificial Wool – Game Jam Build

Sacrificial Wool is an inventive little puzzle adventure where you fiddle with the game’s settings to help overcome hazards and sacrifice a sheep.

In Sacrificial Wool you literally attempt to guide a lamb to the slaughter and the settings menu plays an integral part in it. In each screen there is an obstruction or hazard that your little sheep can’t pass, but fiddling around with the graphical or audio options may help. Can the enemy see you? Maybe you should turn town the lights somehow. Is there rubble in the way? Maybe turning down the object density may help!

Using the settings menu to alter the properties of the game world is a very clever concept and it’s used in some inventive ways throughout the game’s short play time. It’d be great to see it expanded on as there are lots of interesting ways it could be used, but as it stands this short, stylish sheepy adventure is a delight. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Sacrificial Wool Here (Windows)