Sacrifights – Game jam Build

Sacrifights is a fun little boss battling top-down shooter where you make sacrifices, battle summoned monsters and eat their organs to earn enough powers to defeat a huge demonic monster that’s coming to get you in 7 days.

After messing about with an ancient ritual you’ve summoned a huge demonic monster that’s promised to come back and kill you in 7 days. You now have to use a selection of everyday, occult and organic items to summon weaker monsters for you to fight. When the monsters are first summoned they’re trapped in the center of the screen by a holding spell which you can keep powered up by moving to the glowing occult symbols that appear on the ground. The monsters are much easier to dispatch when they’re trapped in the holding spell, but if they escape then you still have a chance – it’s just a bit harder to hit them when they’re moving around.

When you defeat them the monsters will drop a selection of organs and items. Everything you pick up can be used to summon different types of monster, but you can decide to eat the fleshy organs instead, giving you a little health and a stat upgrade in the process.You need to level up enough within the 7 days to defeat the monster when it returns for you.

It could perhaps do with a little balancing as Sacrifights gets a little too easy once you’ve powered up your character a bit, but it’s a fun little game with some great pixel art animation, fast paced monster blasting gameplay and a quirky premise. The monster designs and the noises they make are a particular highlight – they really do look and sound like grotesque abominations that have stepped out of a pulp horror movie.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Sacrifights Here (Windows & Browser)