Safe Not Safe – Alpha Download

Safe Not Safe is a Sci-Fi espionage game which allows you to use stealth, hacking or brute force as you attempt to infiltrate its procedurally generated high security facilities.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last August during the closed Alpha sign up, Safe Not Safe is a first person rogue-lite stealth action game which gives players a vast amount of freedom to infiltrate its procedurally generated bases. There are three main character classes (Commando, Ninja or Hacker), each of which is geared towards a different play style (combat, stealth or hacking) and each of which has their own weapons and equipment that allow you to exploit different weaknesses in the enemies’ defenses. The AI will also analyze your actions and coordinate a suitable defense to put an end to your assault.

It’s still very early in development and is pretty rough around the edges, but Safe Not Safe shows a lot of promise. Procedurally generated bases and a variety of infiltration methods on hand mean that each game will be different and you’ll be able to tackle it on your terms. Are you a Commando, a Ninja or Hacker?

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Download The Alpha Here (Requires Creating an Indiegala Account)