Safety Check: The Gun Safety Simulator! – Game Jam Build

Safety Check: The Gun Safety Simulator! is a fun little firearm-based puzzle game where you attempt to disarm a selection of weapons without killing yourself in the process!

In Safety Check, your goal is simple – disarm each weapon so that it is safe. You can rotate each weapon and click on the highlighted orange parts to activate the gun’s various mechanisms (being sure not to aim it at yourself in the process). For the guns you’ll need to figure out how to remove the cartridge and the bullet in the chamber, but the final weapon may be a little bit different…

With just three weapons to disarm, Safety Check is a very short game, but it’s a fantastic concept that would be perfect for fleshing out with more weapon types. It’s a very tactile experience and it’s fun messing around with each weapon and figuring out what buttons to press (and which to leave alone!)

Play Safety Check: The Gun Safety Simulator! Here (Browser)