Safety Protocol – Student Game Download

Safety Protocol is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where you solve environmental puzzles as you make your way through a space station that’s been the scene of a catastrophic incident.

Created by students at Futuregames Stockholm, in Safety Protocol you take on the role of a new crew-member on a distant space station. However, there’s no welcome party when you get there – it seems that most of the crew has been wiped out by a catastrophic incident. There’s only Alfred (the ship’s scientist) left alive. Alfred and his AI assistant Alice chat to you over computer terminals as you try to restore power to the space station and uncover what exactly happened in the station.

It’s pretty obvious right from the start that there’s something shifty about Alfred and his AI buddy, but it’s a well told story nonetheless and there are two different endings to uncover. The environmental puzzles are well crafted and the player movement is silky smooth. There’s a nice amount of detail in the environment and the lighting and excellent audio design help build an eerie and ominous atmosphere.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Safety Protocol Here (Windows)