SAIVO – Alpha Demo

SAIVO is a surreal Finnish first person horror adventure where a workaholic takes an unpleasant vacation in his great uncle’s cabin.

In SAIVO you follow the story of Desmond, a Finnish man whose parents went missing 41 years ago. Desmond spends most of his time working and it’s been putting a strain on his marriage, so his wife suggested he takes a little time out and has a little alone time in a remote cabin that belonged to his great uncle. However, it’s not long after you get there that things really start to get weird…

The demo build of SAIVO sees you arriving at the cabin and completing a very strange task while being stalked by weird shadowy beings. It’s definitely a bit rough around the edges, but oddly it adds to the surreal atmosphere of the game and makes everything feel a little off-kilter. The way the shadowy stalkers appear when you’re not looking is very unsettling and even the friendly person you meet puts you a little on edge. It all combines to make a bizarre, but effective and remarkably tense experience well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SAIVO Alpha Demo Here (Steam)