Salaryman Shi – Alpha Demo

Salaryman Shi is a charming little 2D platforming adventure that plays a lot like Super Mario World, but with the hero being a briefcase-wielding Japanese businessman, rather than a portly Italian plumber!

In Salaryman Shi you take control of a Japanese businessman called Shi, who has to traverse challenging environments to catch his bus to work. The visuals and the gameplay are clearly heavily inspired by Super Mario World (the first two levels especially). The main difference being that instead of fire flowers and feathers, Shi uses briefcases that he can throw and jump on to reach higher ledges.

The current build of Salaryman Shi features three levels and culminates in a boss fight. It clearly borrows a lot from Super Mario World, but if you’re going to borrow from any 2D platformer you may as well borrow from one of the greatest of all time. The briefcase throwing/jumping-on does take a little getting used to but it’s a fun mechanic and the levels are satisfyingly challenging. It really is a lot of hassle to get to a bus stop though – maybe Shi should invest in a car!

Download The Salaryman Shi Alpha Demo Here (Windows)