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Salt is a beautiful mix of Proteus, DayZ, Minecraft and Wind Waker, that’s one of the most colourful and warm survival exploration adventures you’ll ever experience, full of natural wonders and stunning vistas.

Since the inception of DayZ, there have been a LOT of survival games released, but nothing quite like Salt.  For starters there’s not a zombie in sight.  That’s not to say that there aren’t things out to get you (pirates and wild creatures roam the wilderness), but they’re few and far between and easily avoided if you’d rather not take them on.  The main focus of Salt isn’t survival or combat, it’s exploration and the joy of discovery.

There’s an extensive crafting system in Salt, with you able to craft armour, tools, weapons, camp-sites and even a variety of boats .  You’ll need these boats as the world of Salt is made up of lots of procedurally generated islands which you can travel to and pillage for resources.  There’s also the occasional merchant that you can trade goods with and wild animals which you can hunt for food, or just for sport.

The world of Salt is a joy to explore, in many ways it looks and feels like Wind Waker or Proteus, with so much color and beauty to behold as you sail from island to island.  There are so many beautiful sights to discover, and so many memorable ‘firsts’ – like the first time you set sail, the first time you spot a wild animal, and the first time you witness a glorious sunset.  Salt isn’t about surviving, it’s about living.  Highly recommended.

Useful Notes:

Double-click on items to select them in menus.  Boulders can be destroyed with clubs (no need for pick-axes).

To get off the first island, you’ll have to build a boat.  You’ll need 7 logs and 2 cloths to build the boat.  Most of the items are in the chest that’s hidden on the island (see 00:30 in this gameplay video), but you’ll probably also have to scavenge some logs.  Gathering the resources to get off this first island can feel like a bit of a chore, but it’s definitely worth it!

Watch us get continually get outsmarted by a deer in our gameplay video HERE

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