Sam – Beta Demo


Sam is probably the worlds first REAL interactive comic – a beautifully drawn comic book adventure that you can actually interact with (not just click through lines of dialogue and scroll through artwork).

The story, told entirely without dialogue, revolves around death – a father and daughter plagued with a mysterious sickness are scraping by on a decaying Earth – a once bountiful planet now almost dead.  Then a sequence of events bring them and an (also dying) alien called Sam together, they decide they want more, to live a better life than the one they have.

Each panel in this beautifully drawn interactive comic can be interacted with in a variety of different ways. In some panels you can click on objects in the background to view them up close, others are more interactive, with you carrying out actions or solving puzzles, and one even has you doing bunny hops on a bicycle.

To sell it as purely an interactive comic may possibly do Sam a little disservice as there are gameplay elements too, but either way it’s fantastic.  The artwork and audio are superb, and the way you interact with the game/comic feels intuitive and organic – as if this was the way graphic novels were always meant to be experienced.

Play through the well crafted Beta Demo and there’ll be no doubt in your mind – this is the future of digital comics.  Highly recommended.

Check Out the Sam Kickstarter HERE

Play or Download The Sam Beta Demo HERE (Win & Mac)