SAMHAIN – Alpha Demo

SAMHAIN is a darkly humorous retro styled survival horror adventure which sees you searching for your father in a mansion full of secrets, weird characters and brutal ways to die!

In SAMHAIN you find yourself sat in a parked car outside a mysterious mansion after your father went in there in search of your mother (who has been missing for years). Tired of waiting and a little unnerved about sitting in the car on your own on a stormy night, you decide to enter the mansion and find your father. Your father is nowhere to be seen, but the mansion is full of lost souls who are trapped in the mansion for eternity. Some of them are helpful, some are harmless and some will bite, stab, claw and eat you – often you won’t know which is which until it’s too late!

The key to playing SAMHAIN is to save often, because another gruesome death is always just around the corner. The mansion is full of deadly traps and monsters, and you can even be killed if you select the wrong answer when talking to a “friendly” character. This would be annoying, but it’s actually quite fun to discover the many ways you can die, almost as much fun as unearthing the many dark secrets the mansion hides within its walls.

The current Alpha Demo build of SAMHAIN takes around 45 minutes to play through and allows you to explore a sizable chunk of the mansion. There are lots of oddball characters to meet and a nice selection of puzzles to solve as you explore and search for your father. The pixel art animation is excellent and the game does a great job of building a tense and spooky atmosphere, while also injecting a little humor into the proceedings. It’s shaping up to be an excellent haunted house adventure well worth exploring. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SAMHAIN Alpha Demo Here (Windows)