SAMUDRA – Alpha Download

SAMUDRA is a beautiful INSIDE-esque puzzle platforming adventure that weaves a wordless tale of environmental damage and corporate greed as you explore the beautifully drawn depths of a heavily polluted ocean.

In SAMUDRA you follow the adventures of a mysterious young boy in an antiquated diving helmet as he explores the heavily polluted depths of the sea. You do come across the occasional massive scary looking sea-monster, but they’re mostly harmless – the real danger here is mankind, their waste-producing factories and the security systems that they’ve designed to protect them.

The core gameplay in SAMUDRA is similar to INSIDE, with you trying to sneak past guards and automated security, but with less complex puzzles and more easily accessible controls. You only have one action button, which is context sensitive and converse everything from jumping to hiding or interacting with machinery controls.

The current Alpha build of SAMUDRA takes around 30 minutes to play through and really impresses with its beautiful hand drawn artwork, easily accessible gameplay and interesting undersea world. It’s a promising little adventure with a meaningful message about an issue that the world really can’t afford to ignore any longer.

Download The SAMUDRA Alpha Here (Windows)