Samurai Sam – Game Jam Build

Samurai Sam is a Samurai Jack inspired isometric samurai hack and slash adventure where you slice your way through hordes of enemies as you search for a time portal in a Far East fantasy land.

In Samurai Sam you take control of a samurai as he goes on a short adventure through a beautiful fantasy isometric world. There are two types of enemy that you encounter, neither of which are two hard to defeat (just run around n circles and spam the attack button), but they can be a little tricky when they spawn en-masse around you.

The hack n’ slash combat in Samurai Sam is very simplistic, with you only having two types of attack (jumping and standard) and there are some infuriating moments (isometric precision platforming never works well), but it’s a fun little adventure that has some great little touches. The pixel art animation is fantastic and there are some interesting twists along the way – such as the 2D section where you can only see enemies when they’re covered in shadow. It’s not perfect, but it’s a fun little sword swinging samurai romp well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Samurai Sam Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)