Samurai Shaver – Game Jam Build

Samurai Shaver, a rhythm action shaving game made for the Ludum Dare 40, sees you using precision timing to shave all of the hair off people entering the dojo with your samurai sword!

Being a Samurai isn’t all its cut out to be. Some of the time, you get stuck with jobs like shaving hairy people who don’t want so much hair on their body. This is a tricky task, if not exciting, as the men needing to be shaved must be shaved to the rhythm of the music. Shaving is a quick tasks and hitting the wrong beat will mean slicing the person with your sharp sword!

Each person is on a conveyor belt, waiting to be placed next in front of you. They will be centered in the screen and start bouncing along with the music. The game will show you where to slash and in what rhythm, and quickly after you will need to copy the moves. If you are slightly wrong in your timing, you will miss hair and slice across skin. This will cause a lot of bleeding and a not so happy customer. As you get better at slashing hair off, you will get faster music and more customers in more levels.

Samurai Shaver is a funny little game with nice artwork, a super silly premise and some really nice beats to chop away to. Will you be a precision Samurai shaver or a brutal bloodletting barber?

Play Samurai Shaver Here (Browser)