Sandmason – Alpha Demo


In Sandmason you are a mine worker, stuck deep in an underground cave system where strange things are afoot, with only your hi-tech mining tools to aid your escape.  These mining tools allow you to dig through soft rock and build on anything in this fully dynamic environment, allowing you to solve puzzles and create deadly traps for enemies.

The digging and building in Sandmason is the main draw and offers with total freedom to aproach obstacles and enemies as you see fit.  You also have the ability to create force fields, use ninja ropes, jetpacks and other items, as well as unlocking perks and levelling up your character by finding hidden treasures.

The games multiplayer component is very different but just as much fun.  While the single-player mode is more about adventuring and solving puzzling problems, the multi-player mode is all about fast-paced action and destruction.  The dynamic environment and many different weapons, tools, and tricks allow endless tactical possibilities to beat your enemies.  Co-op is also planned for a future release, so you’ll also be able to go spellunking with friends through Sandmasons Mysterious caves.

Comparisons are bound to be drawn to Minecraft, but the only similarity is that you can dig through rocks and build structures, this really has more in common with Portal, full of interesting puzzles and exploration, rewarding lateral thinking and experimentation.  Give it a go, you’ll dig it.

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