Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2DX – Alpha Demo


Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2DX is a silly, but surprisingly competent fan made Sonic Adventure parody in which an adorable little blue hedgehog attempts to thwart Dr Robatinx’s nefarious plans.

Taking place over three distinct levels and culminating in a showdown against Dr Robatinx, Sanix the Edgehog impresses with its vibrant visuals, fun action platforming gameplay and tongue in cheek humor. Each level is themed after a classic Sonic zone, and features all the things that made the original Sonic games great – rings, enemies, speed and loops to run around.

It does have quite a few rough edges and the platforming can be a little fiddly at times, but on the whole Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2DX is a wonderful little outing for a charming little blue hedgehog. Good luck beating Robatnix though – he’s tough as nails!

Download Sanix the Edgehog Adventure 2DX Here