SANNABI: The Revenant – Beta Demo

SANNABI: The Revenant is an action packed Sci-Fi action platforming adventure where an angry dad with a prosthetic grappling hook arm enters a mega-city and lays waste to anything that gets in his way.

In SANNABI: The Revenant you follow the story of a legendary soldier who has retired to spend time with his daughter. He’s clearly very missed by the military as his fighting skills get the same sort of respect that John Wick or Master Chief gets, but he’s clearly much happier living the life of a family man (albeit a family man with a massive prosthetic grappling hook arm that can slice enemies to shreds).

However, one day something happens that causes you to rejoin the fight. You now have to fight your way through a massive mega-city filled with deadly robots, save a hacker and hunt down an elusive mastermind called SANNABI. You have no back-up, but you do have your prosthetic arm and a serious lust for vengeance – God help anyone who gets in your way!

The gameplay in SANNABI: The Revenant is a lot of fun thanks to your high agility and your badass grappling hook arm. Not only does your arm allow you to climb walls and swing from ceilings, but you can also target enemies with it and slice through them. This is particularly enjoyable when there are multiple enemies in an area and you can dash between them.

As fun as the gameplay is, it’s the story that’s perhaps the most enjoyable element of SANNABI: The Revenant. It’s tinged with humor, but it gets surprisingly dark at times, with your character taking no prisoners on his quest for vengeance. Your daughter and the hacker are very endearing and the amount of respect your character gets from his colleagues really helps build the feeling that you’re a legendary fighter. It’s very clear that SANNABI has messed with the wrong guy!

Check Out a SANNABI: The Revenant Gameplay Video Here

Download the SANNABI: The Revenant Beta Demo Here (Steam)