Saprophyte – Prototype Download

Saprophyte is a tense little retro styled Sci-Fi horror adventure that draws inspiration from The Thing and Alien as you attempt to escape from a spaceship while being stalked by a shapeshifting alien organism.

In Saprophyte you take on the role of a low ranked crewmember of a spaceship that’s been boarded by a hostile alien organism. The rest of your crew is already dead and the company you work for is as trustworthy a Weyland Yutani, so your aim is to essentially do what Ripley did in Alien – load up an escape vessel and blow up the ship. The only issue being that you don’t have security access for most of the doors so you’ll have to find access cards… oh and there’s also the small detail that the alien evolves as it eats the bodies of your crewmates!

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to complete the current build of Saprophyte as a bug occurs whenever you try to activate the self destruct button. Hopefully developer Harley Wilson continues to work on it as it’s shaping up to be an excellent game. At the moment it features about 15-20 minutes worth of gameplay through and is a very tense experience, with some great audio design and excellent pixel art animation that’s full of great little touches. You do feel like Ripley or R.J. Macready as you sneak about the ship and there’s a real sense of terror when the alien spots you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Saprophyte Prototype Here (Windows)