Sapu – Alpha Demo

Sapu is a dark and atmospheric top down action RPG in which you play a young boy who uses his supernatural powers to save humanity from a malevolent darkness that’s invaded the world.

In Sapu you take on the role of Sapu, a normal, down-to-earth boy who discovers he has supernatural powers and whose family mysteriously goes missing as the world is plunged into darkness. Sapu then sets out into the monster-filled world, developing his magic skills and attempting to solve the mystery of what is causing this darkness to spread.

As you explore the beautiful, but creepy world you’ll need to learn and exploit your enemies weaknesses and overcome your fears to survive. The enemies in Sapu are tough, button mashing won’t get you far, but you’ll be able to upgrade your magic skills by combining different elements and chain skills together into brutal combos.

It’s a fantastic looking game that promises a dark, atmospheric and scary top down action RPG experience in a world where you’ll need to use your wits to survive. As scary as it looks, we can’t wait to delve into that darkness enshrouded world.

Sign Up For The Sapu Alpha Demo Here (Next Build Will Be Sent Out in January)