Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) – Alpha Demo


Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) is a cleverly crafted horror game designed for smart phones (but Windows and Mac versions are coming), in which you discover a phone whose owner has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It’s up to you to investigate the files, messages, videos and emails on there phone as you try to uncover what happened to her.

The conceit of Sara Is Missing is simple but brilliant, a little like A Normal Lost Phone, the entire game is played via an Android-style mobile phone interface. The phone is a little damaged and some of the files are corrupted, but with the aid of a Siri-esque AI, you search the files, messages, emails and videos that are available as you attempt to discover what happened to its owner. There are twists, branching pathways and puzzle elements as you delve deeper and deeper into a very dark rabbit hole, and thanks to the interface, and the fact that you play it on a mobile phone the whole thing feels very real, sometimes uncomfortably so.

Sara Is Missing (S.I.M.) is coming to Windows and Mac soon, but it’s a game that really should be played on a phone. It’s a perfect fusion of form and function, with it’s mysterious, corrupted phone interface recreated perfectly on your own phone screen. It feels a little voyeuristic as you snoop on through the contents of somebody else’s phone, and then when you uncover what’s really happened to her, things really get weird… Highly recommended mobile horror.

Check Out the First 10 Minutes of Gameplay Here

Download The Android Version of Sara Is Missing Here (or the Win & Mac Versions Here)