Satan Loves Cake – Game Jam Build

Satan Loves Cake is a charming little action platforming metroidvania where Satan attempts to reach the Cerberus Bakery after running out of delicious cake.

As you can guess from the title of the game, Satan really loves cake. However, he’s managed to devour all the cake in his house while watching “Great Hellish Bake Off” on TV and now needs some more. The Cerberus Bakery has plenty of cake, but unfortunately the roads of Hell are pretty congested at the moment so they can’t deliver them to you. If the cake won’t come to Satan, Satan must go to the cake!

As you make your way through Hell you’ll meet quirky characters, battle enemies and tackle powerful bosses. You start with a very limited move-set, but as you progress you can purchase useful abilities from the shop with the food you collect in your belly, which then allow you to access new areas.

It’s a fun little adventure with a great sense of humor, charming pixel art visuals and some surprisingly challenging action platforming gameplay. Reaching the bakery won’t be easy, but it’ll sure be worth it for all that delicious cake!

Download Satan Loves Cake Here (Windows)