Satellite Rush – Alpha Demo

satelite rush

Satellite Rush is a fun top down roguelike dual-stick shooter peppered with Douglas Adams-esque humor and features gameplay inspired by Binding of Isaac and Smash TV.

You play a humble office worker who has been abducted by aliens and forced into a Smash TV-esque gameshow, where you must fight your way through challenging randomly generated kill rooms that form a huge corridor.  As this is a gladiatorial gameshow, pleasing the audience is very important – get plenty of kills and keep them interested and they’ll throw helpful weapons and items into the arena, perform poorly and they’ll throw far less helpful things instead to ‘encourage’ you to be less of a wimp.

Battle through enough kill rooms and you’ll eventually come across Champion Aliens – large and deadly bosses.  Defeat a Champion Alien and you’ll be able to pledge your allegiance to a corporate sponsor – sources of upgrades, money and guns.  It’s a fun and satisfyingly tough game with excellent pixel art animation and a great sense of humor.   Superbly silly sci-fi dual-stick shooting.

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Download The Satellite Rush Alpha Demo HERE (Win Mac & Linux)