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Savannah Game Download

Savannah is a super tough rhythm based gazelle simulator in which you explore the savannah, discovering its secrets and avoiding being eaten by hungry lions!

Life is hard for a lone gazelle on the African savannah. Food is scarce, the heat makes you thirsty and prides of lions want to make you their lunch. Your aim is to explore the savannah and discover its secrets and visit totems that make you more powerful with each one you visit. This is much easier said than done though as there are a LOT of lions lying in wait and the rhythm-based running-away-from-danger system can be quite tricky to master.

Normally when roaming the savannah, you’ll use the arrow keys to move, press the ‘S’ button to find points of interest and press the ‘F’ button to eat or drink. This all changes though when a lion jumps out and starts chasing you though – you must quickly tap a direction twice to start running and then a rhythm action element is introduced with you timing your strides and direction turns to the beat of the music. It can take a little getting used to but actually feels quite realistic – whenever you see a gazelle being caught in a nature documentary it’s usually because they’ve mistimed their stride or stumbled (much like when you mistime your button presses).

Savannah is a very tough game, but it’s very addictive. The pixel art animation is superb, the desert offers an interesting landscape to explore and the chases are fantastic. Particular highlights are when you change direction just in time to avoid capture and watch with glee as the lion overshoots, or the feeling of panic when you’ve almost escaped one lion and another jumps out of a bush just in-front of you! You’ll need to keep your wits about you to stay alive in this beautiful and deadly African landscape.

Note: Make sure you double tap in a direction to start running when a predator appears, then time your button presses to the beats and flashing icon at the bottom of the screen.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Savannah Here

Download Savannah Here (Windows & Mac)