Save the Giant – GameJam Build

save the giant game

Composed for Ludum Dare #31, Save the Giant takes sidescroller action to new heights with its simplicity and addicting action. This 2D combat/climbing title assigns players to ascend to the top of a giant colossus that’s infected with creatures leeching off its body and emitting spores that attack the player when they get anywhere near it.

The controls are simple and complete, enough to get the job done. The player character can run, jump, climb vines, swing their sword, and shoot arrows. After completing the game, the developer received enough positive praise and support to build a larger team and continue developing the project into something bigger and more expansive. This title will be developed into a full game should they acquire enough team members to reach the development goal.

Ludum Dare 31 challenged developers to create a game that’s all on one screen, so no loading different areas or cells. Off the bat, players run to the giant and begin climbing and fighting their way to the top. It’s a challenging action title that keeps a quick-paced gameplay through its moderate difficulty and controls.


The platforming may take a little getting used to, you can jump directly up or a set diagonal angle, you can’t guide while in the air as in a Mario-style platformer.

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Play Save the Giant in a Browser HERE (Full Screen Recommended)