Saving Doc Jack – Alpha Demo

Saving Doc Jack is a challenging adrenaline fuelled precision platforming adventure with collectable filled vertical levels where you attempt to outrun an erupting volcano!

Saving Doc Jack blends speed-running with with collectathon-style platforming as you race to the top of each level whilst trying to grab as many collectables as you can. Your character is pretty agile, able to run, jump, wall-jump and grab onto ledges. You can also throw chill pots you collect which will temporarily slow down the ascent of the volcanic lava. You’ll also have to refill your air supply every now and again at handily placed air canisters as the air is too toxic to breathe in the volcano.

There’s a great risk/reward element to the precision platforming gameplay of Saving Doc Jack. Making it to the top of each level isn’t too hard (though it’s no walk in the park), but you have to go out of your way to grab the collectables – which inevitably means more hazards to dodge, using up valuable oxygen and giving the lava a little more time to catch up with you. The collectables will really help boost your score and help you climb the online leaderboards, but time and number of deaths are a big factor too.

The five levels on offer in the current build are pretty big and take around 20 minutes to play through. The audio and visual design is excellent and levels are very well crafted, really testing your platforming skills and giving you the feeling that you’re always just one wrong step away from death all the time – especially thanks to that ever-looming threat of the lava. A fast and frantic precision platforming adventure where the collectables will be the death of you!

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Saving Doc Jack Alpha Demo Here (Windows)