Savior – Alpha Demo

Savior is a freaky Korean horror adventure where you awaken in a creepy old hospital filled with horrible ways to die!

In Savior you mysteriously awaken in an old hospital where it seems the staff have been doing some illegal experimentation on the patients. Worse still, it appears the experiments turned the patients into bloodthirsty monsters with powerful abilities and now they’re on the loose in the hospital. You now need to explore the hospital, uncover some answers about what’s going on and escape with your life. It’s not going to be easy!

There are a few translation issues, the audio could do with some work and the camera could do with being zoomed in a little, but other than that Savior is off to a good start. The surprise insta-deaths are darky amusing (be sure to save often through), there are some inventive puzzles and the RPG Maker style pixel artwork is excellent. It’s got a nice sense of atmosphere and the fact that death could be awaiting you behind every corner adds a nice amount of tension. A creepy hospital horror game that takes delight in killing you every chance it gets!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Savior Alpha Demo Here (Steam)