Sayri: The Beginning – Beta Demo

Sayri: The Beginning is a beautiful non-combative open world third person puzzle platforming adventure which follows an alien that crashlands on a new world and forms friendships that prove invaluable.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha Sign Up Sayri: The Beginning is a puzzle platforming adventure that focuses on friendship rather than combat. In the game you take on the role of an alien who was forced to evacuate their homeworld after a cataclysmic event. You will now befriend local creatures and utilise their unique talents as you make your way through this strange new world.

The Sayri: The Beginning demo build features a sizable chunk of gameplay and follows Sayri as they take their first steps though the lush alien landscape. You have telekinetic powers that can activate certain objects and move objects, but your real power lies in the friendships you form. If you help the creatures you meet with their problems then they’ll be very grateful and will join you on your adventure, allowing you to use their unique abilities when needed.

It’s a wonderfully uplifting and chilled out game that’s packed full of gorgeous alien scenery and adorable little creatures that you really begin to care about. A delightful adventure about making friends, rather than vanquishing enemies.

Download The Sayri: The Beginning Beta Demo Here (Steam)