SCANLINE – Game Jam Build Download

SCANLINE Game Download

SCANLINE, a procedurally generated run n’ gun action platformer made for the CGA Jam, has you attempting to make it through deadly stages full of enemies and traps, all while avoiding a wave of death coming from behind you.

You have only a gun to help you get through the dangerous CGA world of SCANLINE, while a pink wave of death moves quickly behind you, pushing you ever onwards towards the goal. The gun does have a cool down, but you can use it to shoot down enemies in your way and to shoot towards the ground as a boost to your jump. This boost is especially helpful when it comes to overcoming tall areas or quickly flying over vast areas of water.

There are a lot of different enemies in this game – new and more challenging enemies will appear as you move to more challenging stages. Some will follow you through the stage while others will just try to attack you when you are near. There are also jars dotted around levels which you can shoot to produce gems that increase your score. It might be worth taking the time to destroy them, but it may also allow the pink wall of death to get too close to you!

SCANLINE is a very challenging game that that will really test your platforming skills, but keeps you playing thanks to that all important “just one more go” factor. Once you master the first few stages, things start to get even tougher – are you up for the challenge?

Download SCANLINE Here (Win & Linux)