Scathe – Beta Demo

Scathe is an old school run ‘n gun first person shooter where you use big guns to blast your way through swarms of demons in multi-route levels in the underworld.

With gameplay that draws inspiration from 90’s classics, Scathe is a bombastic blood-soaked boomer shooter set in the pits of Hell. The demo allows you to play through one large, multi-route level, with lots of secrets to discover and three different level exits. You have a dash ability (that’s very important as it grants invulnerability) and the game has a fun mechanic where you have to manually wipe the blood splatter off your visor to clear it.

It’s not really fair to judge Scathe on the current demo as there are several important features not implemented yet, but it is a lot of fun and punishingly tough. The full game will feature online co-op, a lot more weapons, boss fights and buffs associated with wiping the blood off your visor. It doesn’t have the speed of the likes of INCISION or Turbo Overkill, but the visuals are fantastic, the multi-route level has plenty of replayability and there are some very intense firefights.

It’s could do with a little more player speed, faster projectiles for your weapon’s alt-attack (currently by the time they get to where you were aiming the enemy has nearly always moved) and the HUD needs some serious decluttering (or even the option to just turn it off). Once you get to grips with it Scathe is a lot of fun though and it has some unique ideas that show a lot of promise. An interesting and unique take on the classic run ‘n gun FPS.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Scathe Beta Demo Here (Available for a Limited Time Only)